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Qualifications & Education
Clemson University, MFA Digital Production Arts, 2013-16
Academy of Art University, BFA Computer Art, 2000-03

Related Professional Activity
Assistant Professor of Animation, University of South Alabama, 2016 – Present
Instructor of record, Visual Foundations II, Clemson University, 2016
GTA Visual Foundations I, Clemson University, 2014-15
GA, Website and mobile development, Digital Production Arts, Clemson University, 2013
Instructor International Academy of Design & Technology Nashville, 2006-13
Instructor ITT Technical Institute Nashville, 2005-06

Courses Taught
University of South Alabama
ARS 200 – Introduction to Animation
Introductory course to animation. Explore the history and fundamentals to the creation of animation. Involves students in hands-on creation of short animation exercises and collaborative work.

Clemson University
DPA 4030/6030 Visual Foundations II
Extends the foundational visual principles from DPA 4020. Stresses representation of the figure in drawing and the use of cinematography. Involves students in hands-on work and the critique process, utilizing the studio method and stressing examples from the history of art, animation, and film.

DPA 4020/6020 Visual Foundations I
Students are introduced to a basic understanding and language of two and three-dimensional design. Covers perspective, observational drawing, color and value, principles of composition and design, and storyboarding. Involves students in hands-on work and the critique process, by incorporating the studio method, and stressing examples from the history of art, animation, and film.

International Academy of Design & Technology Nashville
DESIGN 130 Introduction to Drawing
Students are introduced to the basic principles of drawing. Composition, balance, rhythm, value, line, texture, and light are discussed and practiced in the studio method.

ANMT 205 Movement for Animators
Focusing on figure movement, the course explores acting concepts and traditional animation studies. Visual storytelling and character development is discussed.

ANMT 115 2D Animation I
Teaching introductory principles of animation using Adobe Flash. Students learn about timing and weight. Historical and contemporary animators are showcased and students are tasked eith weekly projects.

ANMT 215 2D Animation II
Building from the introductory principles in 2D Animation I, more complex concepts are discussed. Students are tasked with animating short narratives and interactive animation techniques are explored

GAME 225 Texture and Lighting
This course explores lighting in the real world and how to mimic lighting concepts in the virtual space. The students are tasked with the creation of texture assets for props, environments, and characters. The final project consists of primitive modeling and the final rendering of a stylized or realistic scene.

ANMT 225 3D Animation I
The course focuses upon the process of moving objects over time in 3D space. An exploration of the twelve principles of animation as it pertains to key framing of various components in 3D make up the foundation of this class. Modeling and texturing of 3D elements are also discussed.

ANMT 325 3D Animation II
The course explores the elements of introductory rigging for characters. Throughout the course, different types of rigs are explored, including bipeds and quadrupeds. The process of binding geometry to the rigging system is also explained.

ANMT 425 3D Animation III
This course explores complex animation principles. Character posing and dialogue are explored. Group and individual critique are used to refine and encourage student development of animation skills through weekly exercises.

ANMT 290 Studio Techniques I
Precursory course focusing on the production of short and long form film, audio, and motion graphics. The compositing of various moving images is also covered.

ANMT 390 Studio Techniques II
Building from the concepts covered in Studio Techniques I, the students complete a video compositing project. The project is storyboarded, filmed, composited, and rendered.

DESIGN 215 Storyboarding
Students are introduced to pre-production concepts of moving images. The course develops the students graphic skills and their ability to express cinematic concepts through a visual narrative. Students are required to research, create, and present a final pre-production package showcasing a cinematic vision and visual direction.

DESIGN 230 Interactive Media I
This course explores user interface design theory and its implementation. Students are introduced to graphic design, animation, and the exporting and importing of graphics, audio, and video elements. Web interfaces and stand alone executables are explored.

DESIGN 330 Interactive Media II
This course covers intermediate scripting for interactive interfaces. Designing dynamically loaded interfaces, loading external files as well as scripting to manipulate video and audio is discussed.

DESIGN 360 Interactive Media III
The course explores advanced scripting techniques geared towards designing solutions and an entirely dynamic construction of applications, ranging from interactive portfolios to games.

DESIGN 255 Video Production
This course introduces the basic concepts of video production within a multimedia environment. The use of industry standard hardware and software to capture, convert and edit video is explored. Different shooting techniques of small format distribution are compared and contrasted.

DESIGN 355 Video Editing
This course discusses video editing theory, history, and aesthetics as it pertains to post-production. Technology and techniques to deliver professional quality digital video are discussed and practiced. Students capture and edit digital footage using traditional techniques and learn to output and distribute video in a variety of formats.

DESIGN 365 Motion Graphics
This course explores the elements of design, time, and space to convey messages and meaning through type, image, video, 3D, and visual effects for the screen. Individual creativity is stressed as well as the use of industry standard software, such as Adobe After Effects and Maya, for developing motion graphics.

DESIGN 370 Media Production I
This course acts as a precursor before the student’s capstone project. Students, individually or as a small group, create a complex multimedia or interactive project. The course explores the total preproduction to post-production process from concept to final deliverable. This project extends to the Media Production II course.

DESIGN 470 Media Production II
A continuation of the Media Production I course, advanced production processes are discussed and final distribution methods are explored. Management of time and real world production environments and workflow are emphasized, while balancing artistic vision with limited resources.

DIGI 400 Special Topics in Digital Media Production
For this course complex visual effect matte paintings are discussed. Using 3D projection technology to create parallax background environment paintings for 2D and 3D animations, students are tasked with the creation of multiple backgrounds utilizing the discussed concepts.

ITT Technical Institute
IT 209 3D Modeling
This is an introductory course exploring the foundational principles of 3D modeling. Vocabulary and navigation of technology are discussed. The course progresses from inorganic modeling to organic modeling and utilizing efficient workflows, minimizing the impact when taking 3D assets to the rigging or animation phase.

IT 309 Animation I
This course explores the fundamental principles of animation in the digital medium. Students are supplied with pre-existing rigs and tasked with animating various cycles, with the intent to export to a game engine. After individual and group critiques, students are expected to refine their work.

IT 311 Animation II
This course builds on the concepts taught in the Animation I course. Students are tasked with animating interstitials imported into a game engine in addition to creating cycles, spawns, idles, and deaths.

GD 360 Advanced Animation
This course explores complex animation principles, including photorealistic lighting, texturing, and rendering concepts. Students are then expected to create a character-based short animation.

GD 310 Managing Game Development
This course explores the fundamental skills required to manage, organize, and implement the creation of an interactive game. Students develop a budget and schedule from an existing game design document.

GD 330 Game Design Process
Students are introduced to the pre-production methods of game design through lecture and practical examples. Students research existing game design genres and styles, then create several game design documents.

Committees and Boards
IADT Nashville
B.S. Digital Media & Animation Curriculum Development Committee
B.S. Graphic Design Curriculum Development Committee
A.S. Audio Production Curriculum Development Committee
Honors and Awards Committee

Industry Experience
Motion Graphic Designer, Country Music Television, 2005-06
3D Artist, Motion Graphic Designer, Elara Systems, 2004-05
Character Concept Artist, Modeler & Animator, Roxxor Games, 2003

Animations & Interactives
2015 Look The Other Way, 2D animation [1:30]
2015 Look The Other Way, Interactive game
2015 Rats, 3D animation [0:47]
2015 Save Our Bees, 3D & 2D animation [1:21]
2014 Expectations, Interactive animation
2014 Sustainable Coastal Tourism, Interactive game
2013 Remastered Muybridge Animation Archive

Selected Screenings

Look the Other Way: Fairhope Film Festival
Look the Other Way: ASIFA-South
Look the Other Way: ANNY: Animation Nights, New York
Look the Other Way: FilmOneFest, New Jersey
Look the Other Way: Blue Plum Animation Festival
Look the Other Way: Detroit International Festival of Animation
Look the Other Way: 
Earth Day Film Festival, San Francisco, Los Angeles
Rats: Film & Media Arts Festival, Pikeville, KY
Rats: Blue Plum Animation Festival
Muybridge Animation Archive: Kunsthalle Bremen, Bremen, Germany

Rats: Russian International Film Festival
Save Our Bees: NYC Brooklyn Museum of Art
Save Our Bees: 
Blue Plum Animation Festival