Personal/Professional Work

ABC Sketchbook – 2019

Truckmice – 2019

Design Document – 2018

Look the Other Way – 2016

Rats – 2015
A group project done with fellow Clemson University students. The short film is about the competition two rats face while trapped on a space station. The film is currently doing festival runs.

Save Our Bees
A group project done with fellow Clemson University students. A short about the challenges a bee faces trying to get to a flower. The film is currently doing festival runs.

Blue – 2013
A short animation that was started, but ultimately became an unfinished work. It was intended to be the tale of two robots transitioning from adolescence to adulthood.

I Live Here – 2012
A short performance piece/sculpture that was erected on a Sunday and promptly deemed a structure by the city of Hendersonville on Monday, a take down notice was also issued.

Rejection – 2011
A reactionary piece about conformity. I constructed a wooden/canvas cube sculpture and placed 6 mini-projectors inside.

Aesop Fable 114 – Two Enemies – 2009
This piece primarily exists because I required a practical example for my Storyboarding course showcasing a complete establishing/action/reaction scene. Although, I do attempt to express in my work a whimsical and humorous approach to a dark subject matter.

2001-2003 Traditional figurative work

In 2002 I decided to do 3 hour dailies to get better working with 3D software. Below are 3 of the 67 works I created:

#3 Delivery
#5 Good Day
#16 Stringscape